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There should be a e cigarette review section

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Unread postby Dancever » 08 Aug 2012

Hello Admin,

I would like to request you to add a section for e cigarette review. This will help the viewer and other member to search it easily by opening that section only.
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Unread postby Vanillrain » 11 Sep 2012

I think this section is now built by the admin, just check it out. It is good for all us now.
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Unread postby Admin » 14 Sep 2012

Yes Thank you. ;)
Good advice.
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Unread postby OneZero » 26 Sep 2012

Thanks admin for adopting our views and implementing on it also.
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Unread postby Serpico » 27 Nov 2012

This section of the review was conducted of electronic cigarettes and is very successful. It is an important section because members can exchange views and information on the different models of electronic cigarettes.
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Unread postby RaulJuice » 02 Dec 2012

A fast establishment of such section and I am very happy with this. Reading opinions of members about different models of electronic cigarette I could choose what suits me best. Thanks all. :)
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