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Review of V2 starter kit

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Unread postby Cherif » 01 Dec 2014

Hello all, the V2 is one of the most popular brand for simple ecigs, here is one great review about this ecig type :arrow: :)

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Unread postby Anouk » 11 Mar 2015

Great video, Cherif, the kit seems to have everything an ordinary vapor needs for vaping, even beginners will feel super comfortable with it and all kinds of vapors can benefit from its specs :)
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Unread postby Navel » 18 Apr 2015

Everything is all set in the kit - every vaper can start vaping right after getting this kit and what is more, I see that every device is high quality and advanced, it would bring a lot of joy to everyone using it. :idea:
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Unread postby Smith » 20 May 2015

The review is very good and describes the main traits of the kit, however, I don`t like the ecig device itself because seems to me that its functionalities are very limited.
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Unread postby Axel » 04 Jul 2015

One of my vaping friends bought this starter kit several months ago and as far as I am concerned, he is still using it, at least most of the components. I am sure that the performance of the e-cig is stunning, he often says how pleased he is with it.
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Unread postby menbox » 18 Jul 2015

Thank you, Cherif, I have known this e-cigarette for a long time but this is actually the first time I see a review about and my positive opinion about this model now became even stronger.
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