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Unread postby Sasaman » 11 Jun 2012

Hi, TECF is about electronic cigarette! Electronic cigarette is not so old as tobacco cigarette, so, not everyone know about it already! Could it be possible to add a new section in this forum called : "Newbie forum" for newbie in e-cigarette?
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Unread postby Ramon » 11 Jun 2012

I catch what you mean and i agree! By example, the "newbie forum" section should have the present yourself and all basics question about electronic cigarette! Threads like :"what is an e-cigarette?", "how many parts a cigarette have?" should be moved to that section also!
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Unread postby RaulJuice » 11 Jun 2012

You are right! That would help new e-cigarette user or people who want to know about electronic cigarette to find all the useful info in one place!
"General cigarette discussion" forum contain some thread that must be viewable by newbie first, it is the most active part of the forum, if intro to e-smoke is there, new user will not find them among too much others threads!
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Unread postby Admin » 18 Jun 2012

Thank you guys. ;) I'm going to open this new section...
If you will have some others advices we will be very happy to listen all your tips.
Thanks again. ;)
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Unread postby Britain » 21 Jun 2012

Thanks for applying to our request! It is a good improvement in the forum and now, new vapers can have a better introduction to electronic cigarette, how it works and all basics questions.
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Unread postby whitehorse » 03 Dec 2012

Very useful this new section. Indeed many people just now learn about electronic cigarettes and their dedicated section is natural and useful. :)
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