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Positive test of LG MJ1 10A 3500mAh 18650

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Unread postby Smith » 21 Jul 2015

I found really interesting tests about the LG MJ1 10A 3500mAh 18650 and the good news is that all of the conclusions are positive: ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... jpeg?dl=0k

Testing cells at their limits is dangerous and should never, ever, be attempted by anyone who has not thoroughly studied the dangers involved and how to minimize them. My safety precautions are the ones I have selected to take and you should not assume they will protect you if you attempt to do any testing. Do the research and create your own testing methods and safety precautions.

Bottom Line
An ok 10A cell, lasting longer than the LG MH1, but not as long as the Panasonic NCR18650GA.

Discharges at 5A and 10A showed ok capacity.
Five additional cycles at 10A started showing signs of damage even though the maximum temperatures of 71°C-74°C are moderate and low-to-average for a cell operating at its continuous discharge rating (CDR). High-capacity 10A cells seem to be more sensitive to temperature than the higher CDR cells are.
A single discharge at 15A had considerable voltage sag and reached a cell temperature of 100°C. This clearly shows that 10A is as high as you want go with this cell.
I would expect good cycle life from the LG MJ1 by running at 7A, perhaps losing some of that cycle life by operating at its CDR of 10A. I just don't have enough information to determine where cell life would really start being affected.
See my blog for more information on the testing procedures, equipment used, and links to all my test results.
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