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eVod U 900 mah

Power for the Electronic Cigarettes

Unread postby Raul » 28 Apr 2015

I like the eVod series and would like to discuss this 900 mah e-cig battery. What do you think about it? Do you like all of its specs or there is something more you need from it?
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Unread postby princeofpersia » 28 May 2015

Yes, the eVod series are great and I have used a 1200 mah such battery. Don`t know about the 900 mah model but it should be just that good, I was very pleased with the battery I used.
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Unread postby Voix » 12 Jul 2015

I never had an eVod battery and have to admit that I am not even very familiar with the hardware specs of these models. I only know that people are pleased with them because there are lots of positive reviews on the internet and there are hardly any problems with these batteries.
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Unread postby Smith » 30 Jul 2015

I also like most of the eVod batteries and although I have not used the 900 mah U model , I at least know a thing or two about its hardware capabilities and performance and I am sure they are proper.
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