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Unread postby ManConnected » 19 Apr 2015

This ARCTIC SUBTANK BTDC (bottom turbine dual coils) model looks pretty good to me and the price is 20 dollars for 5 pieces, what do you think, is it worh taking advantage of this bargain?

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Unread postby Raimond » 11 Jun 2015

Thanks for the review, Manconnected, it describes the main traits of the model very well and I can confirm all of this is true.
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Unread postby Samir » 10 Jul 2015

Makes vaping stunning! I have used exactly this set of subtank BTDC, the bargain is awesome, don`t know if it still exists but you should buy it, no matter the price guys!
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Unread postby Raul » 26 Jul 2015

Oh. yes, this is one of the best such models that I have seen and I am sure that every vaper who has tried using it is more than pleased with it. I am very close to buying it cuz the subtank I am using at the moment definitely doesn`t seem to deliver what I expect from it.
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