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X.Fire Wood 1100mAh VV battery

Power for the Electronic Cigarettes

Unread postby NiceCloud » 07 Apr 2015

This is a stunning device, think it is obvious just from looking at its image! what can you say, guys, do you like it?
What are its specs in your opinion?

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Unread postby mapuku » 07 May 2015

Like the design and if it is combined with some decent features (enough for a 1100 mah device) I would love to have it.
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Unread postby PetiteFemme » 01 Jun 2015

Yes, the design is great but I am not so sure if the case is the same with the hardware features.. I have read a thing or two about them and I am not impressed with this battery.
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Unread postby Connor » 16 Jul 2015

I like some wood mods but I don`t know a lot of wood batteries. When it comes to such mods, in most cases they just look interesting but have nothing special on the inside, I am not sure if it is the same with batteries but maybe this is not the case with this particular model.
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