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Some very concerning news...

To discuss laws and petitons

Unread postby DeepEyes » 06 Sep 2013

I don`t know how to say that.. I read that new laws in European countries will take extreme measures against e-cigarettes. After 1st January they will set a tax which will make e-juice and e-cigarette suppliers pay 60 per cent of their profits. This could be the end for the e-cigarette business, don`t you think?
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Unread postby Voix » 07 Sep 2013

I can`t believe that! If this is true (which I seriously doubt), then it would make no sense. Just think about it, tobacco and alcohol are sold without too many special taxes and laws but when it comes to e-cigarettes - BAMN - 60 per cent. This is some kind of a discrimination, don`t you think?
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Unread postby Soleil » 07 Sep 2013

Absolutely, discrimination is the perfect word for this thing here. There is absolutely nothing in the world`s economy which has to pay 60 per cent tax. This means only one thing - the big cigarette bosses have been seriously hurt by e-cigarette industry and this is why such measures are taken.

Unread postby PrehistoricMan » 08 Sep 2013

Don`t worry, guys, this is impossible to happen. As soleil said, this is a discrimination. No European government is able to sat such a tax specially for something, this can only be done for all the products or for nothing.
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Unread postby PetiteFemme » 11 Sep 2013

I am also very optimistic that the e-cigarette industry will continue to flaw. I agree that no government has the legal rights to set such huge taxes on something particular, as people above me said, this is a discrimination - something which the EU has been fighting against for a long time.
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Unread postby Atshishi » 11 Sep 2013

Well, it depends on all of us, after all. If these laws and prohibitions really come true, then there have to be some very severe protests so that the government is even menaced by us.

Unread postby Alf » 13 Sep 2013

I am 100 per cent willing to take part in protests against that no matter what forms of them will be organized. I think that they apply such laws because they don`t believe vaping is perceived so seriously but we have to show them that they are wrong!
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Unread postby Navel » 16 Sep 2013

Well, Alf, I hope that they will really be wrong and it will turn out that vaping is much more serious industry than they think. We should all be together in this and prove this to them.
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Unread postby SweetSound » 23 Sep 2013

Now when I think a bit more serious about it, it seems to me that this 60 per cent tax is not aiming to destruct the e-cigarette business. This is just what has to be done with all kinds of vicious industries and I am sure that the state realizes that this way they can also increase the state profit.
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