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Top secret element of e-cigarette

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Unread postby robin37 » 10 Jan 2013

The first top secret element that makes up a excellence e-liquid is flavoring. Taste is the first intellect to be delicate when smoking an electronic cigarette and for various, it’s the most significant factor. Some like the habitual flavor of tobacco or menthol, while others take pleasure in the procedure of taste-testing all sorts of syrupy and prolific flavors.
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Unread postby Raul » 04 Sep 2013

Flavoring is an essential element of e-juice but only about giving a taste to the e-juice. In my opinion, PG and VG are much more important, as they form the structure of the e-liquid.
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Unread postby Vaporman » 07 Dec 2013

Well, for those of us who have been trying to DIY e-liquid for a long time, the flavorings are no secret at all :D But it is true that in some cases it is very difficult to notice what the flavoring for a certain kind of e-juice is if you don`t have the recipe.
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Unread postby Pedro » 13 Feb 2014

It is true that we all know that there are different flavorings in every e-juice type but it is definitely quite a secret for us what exactly flavoring contains each product :) Sometimes when we want to DIY a flavor which we have bought from the store, it is almost impossible to strike the right flavorings :D
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Unread postby Sandoz » 07 Mar 2014

That`s right, Pedro, most manufacturers keep in secret the main ingredients of their flavors and we need to depend on experts in DIY who will share with us what they have found during their experiments :) Still, better than nothing ;)
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Unread postby Superman » 31 Mar 2014

Flavorings are the substances which in most cases are kept in secret by manufacturers :) We know what the rest of the ingredients are in every e-liquid type but yes, it is a huge ordeal for us to try to prepare a certain flavor that we like but we don`t have a recipe for :D
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Unread postby Laila » 14 Jul 2014

I agree that the flavorings of any e-juice flavors make it different and even unique at times :) :idea: This is obvious from DIY, every time we produce a recipe flavorings is what make the e-juice different and this is what is the hardest part for us as well :D
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Unread postby Raimond » 21 Sep 2014

PG and VG are also substance which make e-juice unique but we can never argue against the fact that flavorings are the most important piece of any flavor which make it taste wonderful :)
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Unread postby Ronaldinho » 30 Oct 2014

This was maybe a secret element some years ago when there were hardly any flavored e-juices and only those which had different flavors were preferred by users :D
AT the moment, every ecig store sells flavors for e-juice and no vapor can do without them :arrow:
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Unread postby menbox » 01 Aug 2015

:D Yes, certainly in 2015 every vaper knows this "secret" ingredient and not only that but we all first check out what the flavorings are before we make our mind about buying a certain kind of eliquid.
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