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What is an E - Cigarette? Does it really less harmful?

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Unread postby simranahuja » 26 May 2015

I am a tobacco smoker, I am curious to know about e-cigarettes, are they really less harmful than tobacco cigarettes?
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Unread postby Raimond » 11 Jun 2015

Oh yes, you can be absolutely sure about that, simranahuja - e-cigs are 100 per cent harmless and definitely the better alternative. I suggest you dump smoking immediately and take up vaping, trust me, you will love the difference.
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Unread postby Firefly » 11 Jun 2015

I agree with Raimond. There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are much better than tobacco smoking and I am very happy for making this change in my life.
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Unread postby HaroldThompson » 14 Jun 2016

Its a lot healthier then smoking, I have quit now for years! Anyone who is trying to put you off e cigs, are probably the big tobacco companies!
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