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What's your favorite flavor?

All about the available Flavours from different Producers

Unread postby Imagine » 15 Jun 2012

I haven't tried every flavor out there, BUT I have tried quite a bit. A lot of companies will offer me free stuff, so I can boost them, so I do end up experiencing many different powerful details and preferences. I usually go illumination on the tennis carts like 12mg, very hardly ever do I go to 16. Many people wish 16 or 24s. It's all personal point of view.

Doses aside, what flavor do you see that you are most often returning to after trying other ones. For me, there's nothing like a item with an in-depth and rich Sweets flavor. I see ongoing improvements in the fantastic of the resemblence of a fantastic food preparation veggie being designed by a lot of companies.

My top 3 are:

1> Chocolate
2> Peppermint
3> Apple

Apple probably changes with fruit every so often. It's a very begin wide range 3 recognize. Post your top 3s and let's see what you people think!
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Unread postby Cry » 15 Jun 2012

Hey ImagineMe,
i like Peppermint. Its my first preference, after that menthol.
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Unread postby Redsky » 18 Jun 2012

You should keep in thoughts that taste and choices are incredibly very very subjective and therefore it will not be affordable to say which taste is better. It is recommended that those that smoking use the different taste drinks or mix them effectively to select the taste that best suits them.
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Unread postby Kingston » 29 Aug 2013

I really enjoy vaping the milk chocolate flavor of Halo. This is an incredible combination of two tastes and it is perfect, you should definitely give it a try.
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Unread postby Theo » 13 Oct 2013

Chocolate is also among my favorite kinds of e-liquid, I am talking about its Swamp vapor version. I also adore vaping the cappuccino flavor and the Wacky tobacky.
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Unread postby Miles » 21 Jan 2014

My favorite e-juice flavors have always been the tobacco e-juice types and I can even point out two of them which I consider the best ! :) These are the Gold havana flavor as well as the Hilton flavor, I vape them almost all the time and I just love them! :)
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Unread postby Lucifer » 27 Mar 2014

This is quite a difficult question, I can`t figure out what my favorite e-juice is but I can point out a few which I buy really often :) These are the jasmine flavor, the Marlboro reds, the Parliament and probably the strawberry cake :idea:
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Unread postby Nyla » 06 May 2014

I like lots of flavors, at the moment probably my favorites are coffee from Halo and grapes from Sgofar :) These were my latest purchases, actually, and I bought them just because I find them the best tasting for me :)
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Unread postby stevetalk » 07 May 2014

I love vaping many flavors but my favorites are WOW Vapor Wownana Cartomizers , WOW Vapor Kilt Menthol Cartomizers ,WOW Vapor Cafe Mocha Cartomizers , WOW Vapor Caramel Apple Cartomizers
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Unread postby vapingyoung » 21 Jan 2016

Peanut butter, red banana, mojito & black currant from ZAZO are probably my favorite flavors
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