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Citrab e-juice

Eliquid mix and recipes for DIY

Unread postby Vaporman » 02 Jul 2014

Try the recipe for the Citrab e-juice, I alreayd did it and it is incredible :) Here it is from planetofthevapes:

Ingredients Required

I mix at 50/50 PG/VG and 12 mg

I call this recipe Citrab

10% DV Absinthe
1% LT Lemon Mix
0.5% Inawera Lime
0.5% LT Orange
3 drops Ethyl Maltol per 10ml total liquid

I find this a lovely and refreshing Citrus Absinthe mix that gives of loads of vapour and a mild throat hit.
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Unread postby Raul » 06 Oct 2014

I am kind of sleepy at the moment, I wouldn`t prepare any recipe and I don`t have a clear judgement :D This is maybe the reason why I don`t seem to like this recipe a lot but perhaps it is a good one, actually, who knows :D
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Unread postby Aurora » 23 Jan 2015

Well, Raul, it is obvious that you should not be sleepy when you try producing this recipe because you might fail utterly with it ,seems a bit hard :D I can also add that this is deifnirely gonna be a great tasting flavor, the ingredients are awesome, seem to make a hell of a combination.
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Unread postby princeofpersia » 16 Apr 2015

The recipe sounded interesting but I am not impressed with the ingredients, don`t think that I will like these flavorings and their combination.
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Unread postby conrad » 21 May 2015

Sometimes we are not able to forecast what the combination of some ingredients will turn out to be, I also don`t feel optimsiitc about this case here but who knows - might turn out to be great flavor.
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Unread postby Anouk » 01 Aug 2015

The recipe doesn`t seem too hard for producing, I alredy have some experience with similar eliquids in DIY. Maybe it will be a bit difficult to get one or two of the ingredients but if I am lucky enough, this could happen in less than 10 days.
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