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The Bolt 18500/18650 PV Mod

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Unread postby Confucion » 29 Jul 2012

The Bolt is a 510 threaded E-Cig Mod for use with 18500 or 18650 batteries (with included sleeve). The Bolt is constructed from aluminum, with a durable finish. Available in Gun Metal, Chrome, Black, Light Gray, or Burgandy.
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Unread postby Faithful » 12 Sep 2012

I used for my 510 purchases. The 510 is still around.
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Unread postby SincereLook » 15 Jul 2013

The Bolt looks very classy to me, another good thing of it is that it is compatible with many kinds of batteries and accessories.
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Unread postby DeepEyes » 06 Sep 2013

I have not used any kind of a Bolt PV mod but I really intend to buy one as all of my vapour friends recommend it to me. They say that it doubles the pleasure of vaping, is this really true?
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Unread postby Firefly » 07 Mar 2014

Oh, this Bolt mod is one of the best PV devices that I have seen in a really really long time! :idea: What is more, I am really craving for such a mod and I have been looking for something decent and seems like I finally found something awesome!
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Unread postby Atshishi » 03 Jul 2014

Really nice device, it is always difficult for me to find a good PV mod and this is one of the rare such models that I know :) I don`t really need a PV mod at the moment but I would love to have it when I happen to need it :arrow: :)

Unread postby Connor » 13 Jul 2014

I, unlike you, Atshishi, constantly use and constantly need new mods :D This one goes to my "buying soon" collection, I have about 5-6 devices there and I intend to try vaping from them all :D
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Unread postby GoldenHair » 29 Oct 2014

I might not be the person who is the keenest on ecig mods but I can assure everyone that this is a great mode and it is worth every cent spending on it! :idea: I have used it, my brother has used it and a friend of mine has used it - we all loved its performance and had no troubles with it!

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