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Supersmoker Bluetooth PV review

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Unread postby Samir » 02 Oct 2014

This is more than just a normal bluetooth ecig, trust me, guys, it is worth watching the whol review ;) :mrgreen:
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Unread postby Cherif » 01 Nov 2014

I have seen three reviews of Bluetooth PV devices, this is the fourth now and they all seem the same to me :
Maybe the manufacturers only focus on this bluetooth feature rather than the other ones which would make th ecig even more special :idea:
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Unread postby PetiteFemme » 29 Nov 2014

Bluetooth ecigs have become more and more trendy in the last months and I love watching reviews about them :) I now know about six such devices including this one and once I have enough info about them, I will choose one and get it for me :arrow: :)
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Unread postby NiceCloud » 17 Mar 2015

I could be persuaded tha tthis is an extraordinary bluetooth PV but honestly, not by this video :idea:
Need to see more of its specific features and functionalities so I am more certain in its quality and uniqueness.
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