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Notyh American e-cig review

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Unread postby Axel » 01 Jun 2014

Hi, have you ever heard of this brand :?: If you haven`t you can see some stuff about it in this video, tell me what your views are :)
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Unread postby SweetSound » 15 Jun 2014

This review is quite interesting to say the least :arrow: This seems like a normal e-cigarette, just like the ones I like using and I am sure that this device is capable of producing enough vapor to satisfy my taste :)
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Unread postby Joel » 06 Aug 2014

Yes, it is interesting but I don`t think that this PV device is as impressive as it is descriebd in the review :idea: I don`t see anything special in it, I even think that in some aspects it could be a losy model..

Unread postby PrehistoricMan » 01 Sep 2014

I agree, this is not a good ecig model by any means :!: The review is trying to show us the best sides of this device but even in this case, it is much worse than other seemingly more ordinary models :idea:
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Unread postby SincereLook » 13 Oct 2014

Well, it might not be as advanced and probably not such a powerful device like the other normal ecigs and even mods that we use every day but still it is probably a smoothly working ecig executing its modest functions properly :idea: :)
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