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The K100 mod!

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Unread postby provapor » 28 Dec 2013


Unread postby GoldenHair » 04 Jan 2014

This is very nice, provapor, thank you for sharing it with us! :) I am glad that there are some newer mods and we are able to see them this way, particularly this one looks very impressive to me!

Unread postby Samir » 10 May 2014

I also like this review, as this is the first time I see anything related to this K100 mod! :idea: I liked its features, it also seems like being a very powerful device, in hardware point of view :)
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Unread postby Connor » 30 Jul 2014

I didn`t know this mod before, looks like an interesting PV device, looking forward to some more details about it, mostly from users here who have actually used it :)
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Unread postby Cherif » 23 Aug 2014

I also had no clue what this ecig mod is like, I now watched the review and I see that this is an ordinary ecig mod, not many functions and features but probably proper performance :idea:
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Unread postby Navel » 25 Oct 2014

Yes, interesting indeed it is, I didn`t know it before and I can`t figure out what kind of mod this is but I definitely like all of its attributes and functions that I saw in the video :!: :idea:
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