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Unread postby Tresy26 » 20 Nov 2012

Electronic Cigarette eGo-C is the upgraded version of the model EGO-T. EGO-C electronic cigarette simplify and speed of loading method elichid its storage compartment. Elichidului casting is done directly in the cartridge with increased volume.
Advantage of rapidity recharge is important for those who can not allot time for this operation. This simplification has led to a faster use of electronic cigarettes and also generates a large amount of steam.
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Unread postby Axel » 11 Apr 2013

This is a brilliant EGO-C video

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Unread postby Soleil » 08 Aug 2013

I like the Ego-C e-cigarette much more than Ego-T. This is a great upgrade of this device and it is better in absolutely all of its hardware aspects.

Unread postby Soleil » 09 Dec 2014

Axel, thanks for the video, I thought I know absolutely anything related to Ego C PVs but apparently, I was wrong :) The video was full of unknown stuff for me which make me like this ecig even more! :)

Unread postby princeofpersia » 20 Mar 2015

Know them quite well, although I have never had such an ecig :)
For me, this is a famous type of ecigs because of the rather ordinary but still perfectly performing models, I have seen reviews of some of the best ones and I am really stunned with them :) :arrow:
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