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In-Depth Vapor Fi Rebel II eCig Review 2015

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Unread postby bigfoot » 10 May 2015

The review seems great, the e-cig even more wonderful! Watch it carefully and say what of the features impressed you the most!

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Unread postby Libra75 » 31 May 2015

Thanks, bigfoot, this is indeed a splendid review abouta perfect e-cig mode, at least from first look. Hope someone will be able to confirm what was said in the video.
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Unread postby NiceCloud » 01 Jul 2015

Wonderful, very detailed review and I will watch the full video at the weekend when I have more time. I saw the first 10 minutes and I am already fascinated, think I will be even more amazed after seeing the whole review.
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Unread postby BlackInk » 08 Jul 2015

I like the review and the way the features of the e-cig are presented but the model itself seems too moderate to me and I wouldn`t buy it.
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