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Unread postby Firefly » 10 Apr 2015

It is awesome and you will love it, I am sure! Watch the review and tell me if I am right :)

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Unread postby Pedro » 29 Apr 2015

Yes, I like it, although the review is made by a store and it is more like a commercial, it is obvious that this model has plenty of good sides and some really advanced specs.
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Unread postby conrad » 12 May 2015

I love the Kanger devices and wish I could get every newer version and update! Unfortunately, I just watch reviews about most of them but still when something is too impressive, I dare to make an order. Actually, the model in the video could turn into such a device!
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Unread postby Anouk » 08 Jun 2015

Who doesn`t like the Kanger Subtank! One of my favorites of this kind, works as perfect as possible and provides the best feeling to me as a vaper!
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Unread postby Libra75 » 09 Jul 2015

I am one of the few who have never had the Kangertech Subtank but I am very well aware of its wonderful specifications and capabilities and it is not too late to get it and begin using it.
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Unread postby SaraT » 22 Jul 2015

This has become a classic, the Subtank that everyone who has experience with it likes!
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