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White Verum mech mod review

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Unread postby Samir » 28 Mar 2015

This is a review from Ecig-club of an interesting nice mod, at least on first look :) What can you say?

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Unread postby mapuku » 16 May 2015

Think this is a bit more interesting and not so conventional kind of mech mod :) I like it, for sure, but wouldn`t buy it without being sure that all of its strange features can satisfy my vaping needs and hardware preferences.
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Unread postby Dedalus » 14 Jul 2015

Really good, a nice clone mod and I have to add that it has some extraordinary features that can be rarely seen in smilar mods :idea: Definitely worths discussing it, hope to see some feedback.
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Unread postby conrad » 17 Jul 2015

Thank you for this review, Samir, this brings a bit more diversity to the devices I see lately. Most of them are pretty similar to one another, I like the fact that this mod is not only more different one but actually has some specs that could be called unique.
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