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What is the safest way for ordering online?

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Unread postby Navel » 08 Jul 2015

Actually, this question applies not only to e-cigs but to all sorts of online shopping. I have heard that a lot of people get their credit carts hacked when they use them online, PayPal seems to be safer. What do you think, what is the best option? :?
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Unread postby Anouk » 01 Aug 2015

Never got my credit card hacked and I use only this mean of paying when I shop online. The key is to use only safe and secure paying portals and be sure that the page that the checkout redirects you to is among the reliable and approved ones. I think that this way it is hardly viable to be robbed online.
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Unread postby HaroldThompson » 07 Jul 2016

I usually pay with paypal its pretty safe, and if any problems you can dispute it and get refund.
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