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Proceeding with the registration on TECF, all the conditions are accepted in all parts.
The Administrators and Moderators of the Forums reserve the right to delete or remove messages without warning, that are found to breach such conditions.
Please note that the conduct on this forum must always be guided by common sense and good manners, in addition to the general conditions laid down by the Administrators.


* It is mandatory, before opening a "New Topic", searching in the Forums using the "Search Box": it is possible that you already have the answers to your questions.
* To open a "New Topic" (message / question), identify the most relevant section, do not write messages in the sections not related to the topic.
* Give to a "New Post" a clear title, you will archive higher responses.
* Submit your requests in a clear and concise manner.
* Only original messages and links that are relevant and useful to our community are permitted.
* The conduct of the Moderators of is to be considered unchallengeable and can only be judged by the Administrator of the forum. It is still allowed asking for explanations, but by not using the public space of the forum. Any disputes must be opened by e-mail or via internal messages (pvt).
* The pictures/videos will be controlled and managed by the staff of
* It is strictly forbidden to advertise themselves or others, unless priory permitted by the webmaster.
*It is prohibited also, posting the same topic in multiple sections of the forum.
* Refrain to address topics related to piracy and any other illegal activities defined by law, it is also not permitted, linking or referring to these topics in your user profile;
* Do not open threads, or publish images, that are provocative / offensive involving private or public entities, in a manner that is found unequivocally detrimental towards them. Violators will be subject to possible consequences of legal actions.
Each user is solely and directly responsible for civil and criminal law of their writings and their actions.
The violation of any criminal law by a forum user, justifies the immediate expulsion from both the forum and the site, under discretion of the Moderators, sole-Administrators of the forum. In some cases, it might escalate in reporting the facts to the Competent Authority.
Should a user expose (on purpose or by negligence or carelessness), managers and / or other users of the site/forum to the risk of adverse actions (civil, criminal or administrative ), the above mentioned expulsion should apply.
Republication or dissemination of our content, even partial, as a subpoena or similar is, without prior written consent, expressly prohibited.
Violators will be reported to the competent authorities according to the law, and prosecuted according to international treaties.


* The suppliers can sponsorize their business activity writing the name of the Shop (only) in the "Electronic Signature", personalizzable in the User Control Panel, partecipating to the Forum.
* The Electronic Signature is a privilege that can be revoked at any time without notice.


There is a real danger of death in handling of pure Nicotine and do not support its use or any advertising or sources.
Nicotine is currently available in PG / VG solutions and are much safer, but in any case still very dangerous.
You can discuss it up to 36 mg graduations, which is already very high.
To protect our members and ourselves, we do not allow topics or sources of any kind in excess of 36 Mg.
Nicotine is a poison, handle with care and whether possible, cut it's use completely.
We therefore strongly advice anybody to read the important information on the nicotine topic, in the main index of
Each user is solely and directly responsible for civil and criminal law of their writings and their actions.


The deliberate breach of the rules, may result in immediate expulsion from the forum or temporary suspension from it, according to the sole discretion of the Moderators and Administrators

This actions will be carried out by the Staff and Moderators of TECF:

For those who violate the Regulations:

* You will be warned publicly, on the post where the violation occurred, or suspension from the forum will be applied by the Moderators/Administrators for a definite or indefinite period of time.
* If a suspended user continue to access/post, with the sole purpose of challenging and hinder the smooth running of the topics/threads, we will proceed with reporting to the competent authority and the internet provider.

If you need help, read the useful information listed in our FAQ, which contain the answers to frequently asked questions on the use of the Forum.
Or check the FAQ section of

Any user subscribed to TECF do so in acceptance of the rules and all its clauses.
Any changes to the Regulation is automatically and tacitly accepted by all Members; users are therefore invited to periodically check the terms of use.
The regulation is periodically updated, in order to better adapt the content to the evolution of the forum and, possibly, to ensure the best use of the forum for the TECF community.

Thanks to you all


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