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Ice flavors from Vape Dudes?

Unread postby Ronaldinho » 12 Jun 2014

I was looking at Vape Dudes`s website and I saw that they have a lot of ice versions of their fruit flavors :ugeek: Has anyone of you tried some of these products? What can you tell me about them :?:
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Unread postby ChiaraKiss » 30 Jun 2014

I have bough Ice e-juice flavors from other suppliers like Sgofar and I can say that they are with great quality :idea: :arrow:
I assume that VApe Dudes have produced good quality such flavors, too, and it would be worth trying them :)
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Unread postby SaraT » 10 Jul 2014

I have heard a thing or two about Ice flavors, I know that they are sold in various suppliers`s stores but I have never tried anything like that :idea: I will now try to find in Vape dudes sells them or where I can find them and might even give a try to some ice version of a tobacco flavors :) :arrow:
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Unread postby Sunset » 06 Aug 2014

I have also heard of these flavors ,even watched reviews about them but I have never seen these products in Vape Dudes`s website :ugeek: Maybe I wasn`t looking carefully, I will check them out now again, hope that they will impress me :geek:
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Unread postby Raul » 08 Apr 2015

I am a bit surprised to learn Vape Dudes also have Ice flavors, this is defitinitely a great positive for them :) I hope that their quality is just that brilliant as it is with other ice flavors I have tried.
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Unread postby DeepEyes » 01 Jul 2015

I like ice flavors, I think I have bought some from Sgofar and theya re lovely, probably these from Vape dudes are also good.
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Unread postby Samir » 01 Aug 2015

These Ice flavors indeed have great reputation and I have tried some of them. They are not bad but there are some products from some particular vendors that are nothing like people expect. I personally came across three such e-juice flavors which were really disappointing and this is why I doubt the ice flavors since then.
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