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How to feel the good sides of Vitamin C e-juice?

Unread postby Superman » 18 Jun 2014

I often buy the Vitamin C e-juice flavor because I have read in extremely many places, including this forum, that this is the best type of healthcare e-juice :) I like the way it tastes but I feel nothing more - nor healthy or any other positive effects :| Can you tell me what to do so that I feel this flavor more positively? Buy it from a special vendor or vape it in a specific way, what? :?
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Unread postby Ronaldinho » 14 Jul 2014

I don`t really know what you expect, Superman, I mean, Vitamin C e-juice is just a normal flavor, it has a good taste and this is what you should feel :idea: I can`t tell you that you will feel in any good healthy way when you vape it, it will not even prevent you from picking up a flu :D
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Unread postby Smith » 09 Aug 2014

There is no specific way to feel the positive affect of the Vitamin C e-juice :D You don`t have to vape it at certain time or in a particular way, it is just a flavor and actually, just like Ronaldinho, I also think that it doesn`t have so serious healthy effects :idea:
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