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Have you tried the Vitamin D flavor?

Unread postby Sandoz » 30 May 2014

According to many users`s opinions that I have read on the internet, the Vitamin D flavor is the one which influences our body in the best way :idea: I don`t know if this is all true because I have never tried this flavor, what do you think :?:
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Unread postby Laila » 07 Jun 2014

I have never tried this particular flavor for one and only reason - I don`t know where to buy it from :arrow: I have always wanted to give a shot to this kind of healthcare e-juice but it is very bad that I can`t do that.. If anyone has some info where to buy this flavor from, please tell me :)
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Unread postby Smith » 20 Jun 2014

I know the Vitamin D flavor, it has pleasant taste and even though some people argue against its positive influence, I still think that this is quite a decent kind of healthcare e-juice :) :ugeek:
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Unread postby Triky » 11 Jul 2014

I have not only not tried this Vitamin D flavor but I have never even seen it in any store, I only know that it exists :D If someone knows where I can find it, please let me know :)
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