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Vitamin C - the best healthcare e-juice type!

Unread postby ChiaraKiss » 11 May 2014

Do you agree with this, guys :?:
I am sure that you do because the Vitamin C flavor ( all of its versiosn) has extraordinary taste and it is mucb better than any other vitamin flavor`s taste! :) :mrgreen:
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Unread postby Superman » 17 May 2014

Yes, I agree because the Vitamin C has not only a special taste which makes it the best-tasing Vitamin flavor but I also feel wonderfully when I vape it :ugeek: :)
It might not be able to influence us like an actual Vitamin pill but still it improves our health at least for the moment :)
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Unread postby NewAir » 26 May 2014

I doubt anyone will say the opposite - the Vitamin C has splendid taste, only a few healthcare flavors taste so great like it and in some cases it can even be healthy for our body, so there is no point arguing about this - the Vitamin C is the best. :mrgreen: :)
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Unread postby Brenda » 04 Jun 2014

I also agree with that, probably most people think this way because this is the easiest Vitamin flavor for finidng :D It is quite difficult to try others from the gamma but there is no point to - as we all agree, the Vitamin C flavor is the best and its taste is enough to make us want it more and more :)
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Unread postby NiceCloud » 09 Jun 2014

I really love vaping the Vitamin C flavor :) I haven`t done that for a lot of time and maybe I should order it again soon :? I would like to taste again it and feel how great it influences me right after it goes off my throat..
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Unread postby Laila » 31 Jul 2014

Totally agreeing with this statement :!: The Vitamin C flavor is the only healthcare ejuice product that I buy and that I like, actually, every vapor that I know likes this flavor :)
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