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Healthcare vs herbal e-juice

Hi, what do you think, which is the better e-juice type - healthcare or herbal flavors? :mrgreen: For me, these are the herbal e-juices, what about you?
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Cheap health e-juice - quality?

I have seen many websites where I can buy healthcare e-juice at very low prices, such as e-cigs-shop. com.. The problem is that I can`t be sure of their quality, what do you think, is it proper or not ? :ugeek:
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Side effects of healthcare e-juice?

I have tried only a few healthcare flavors and I have done this only a few times :) This is why I wonder - what it would be like to constantly vape such flavors? Are there any side effects this way? :geek:
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Are there flavors tasting like actual medications?

We see that there are really many different Vitamin flavors and I was just wondering - are there any other healthcare e-juices which are similar to medications like aspirine or analgine, for example :mrgreen: What do you think :?:
Read more : Are there flavors tasting like actual medications? | Views : 815 | Replies : 2

New Vitamin flavors??

Yesterday I heard that there are manufacturers who work on completely new Vitamin e-juice flavors :? I have no idea what this is about, does anyone of you know some more details about this? :)
Read more : New Vitamin flavors?? | Views : 821 | Replies : 1

How to feel the good sides of Vitamin C e-juice?

I often buy the Vitamin C e-juice flavor because I have read in extremely many places, including this forum, that this is the best type of healthcare e-juice :) I like the way it tastes but I feel nothing more - nor healthy or any other positive effects :| Can you tell me what to do so that I ...
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Healthcare e-juice from Bestecigpro?

Hi, guys, I now saw that there are plenty of good healthcare e-juice flavors in Bestecigpro and I would like to know if anyone of you has ever bought such flavors from there :ugeek:
Please, tell me more about the quality of these flavors from this supplier because I have no idea how they are like :)
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E-cialis flavor from Zichhi

the E-cialis e-juice flavor is one of the few healthcare product of Zichhi and I would like to know some more detailed stuff about it :) :geek: Tell me what you know about its taste, healthy effects and other attributes :)
Read more : E-cialis flavor from Zichhi | Views : 845 | Replies : 2

Vitamin E flavor

I have seen the Vitamin flavor only in Zichhi`s store but there might be some other version, too :)
So, what do you think about it - taste, healthy attributes, what about all of this stuff :?:
Read more : Vitamin E flavor | Views : 993 | Replies : 4

Have you tried the Vitamin D flavor?

According to many users`s opinions that I have read on the internet, the Vitamin D flavor is the one which influences our body in the best way :idea: I don`t know if this is all true because I have never tried this flavor, what do you think :?:
Read more : Have you tried the Vitamin D flavor? | Views : 976 | Replies : 3


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