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HS Delight tobacco e-juice

What can you say about this HS Delight tobacco flavor? If you have tried it, give me your feedback, pls :roll:
If not - at least say what feeling you have about this flavor - good or bad :D
Read more : HS Delight tobacco e-juice | Views : 3014 | Replies : 1

Heavenly clove tobacco flavor

This is said to be one of the best tobacco flavors and I was really surprised when I couldn`t find in the forum :ugeek: So, I have already made an order for it, what can you tell me about this product until it arrives? Who of you have tried it and how do you find its taste :?:
Read more : Heavenly clove tobacco flavor | Views : 612 | Replies : 0

UK Gold tobacco flavor

Let`s talk about this interesting flavor because I have no idea if anyone in this forum has ever heard of it :) If there are people who have vaped it or know anything relevant about it, pls share with us :mrgreen: The rest of us will just try to gather some information about it from elsewhere, as well ...
Read more : UK Gold tobacco flavor | Views : 1239 | Replies : 2

HS Storm e-liquid

One interesting kind of a tobacco juice that I would like to discuss :) Tell me if you have tried it (really hope for that :D :mrgreen: ) If not, at least give your honest view about this flavor :)
Read more : HS Storm e-liquid | Views : 1738 | Replies : 5

Old hoby e-juice flavor

This is a bit odd tobacco flavor that I haven`t tried yet but I feel very curious about its attributes :) Tell all that you know about it, guys - from its taste to its scent and even price :D :arrow:
Read more : Old hoby e-juice flavor | Views : 1417 | Replies : 4

Desert ship tobacco e-juice

This flavor can be found in many online stores, I prefer ordering it from eliquidworld :)
I can recommend this flavor to all tobacco lovers and even those who don`t often buy such kind of e-juice would like it, in my view :ugeek: Tell me what you think, guys, no matter whether you have vaped or not this ...
Read more : Desert ship tobacco e-juice | Views : 1221 | Replies : 4

Arabic tobacco e-juice flavor

The oriental e-juices, especially the tobacco flavors, have always been interesting to me, as I have tried some of them and they have splendid taste and other attributes :)
What can you say about this less-known to me flavor - the arabic tobacco e-juice?
Read more : Arabic tobacco e-juice flavor | Views : 1615 | Replies : 5

American red tobacco e-juice

According to many e-juice charts, the american red tobacco flavor is among the top three tobacco flavors in the world :) Do you agree with this? What else do you think about this product? :mrgreen:
Read more : American red tobacco e-juice | Views : 1680 | Replies : 5

Have you tried the Impulse e-juice?

The Impulse e-juice is one of the few toabcco flavors that I don`t know, I don`t really have an idea what its taste is like :) What can you tell me, have you tried this flavor yet? Is it well-tasting? :)
Read more : Have you tried the Impulse e-juice? | Views : 626 | Replies : 0

Hotel flavor - a light tobacco e-juice type

Many of you, mates, sometimes want to try some lighter tobacco flavors and here is one of them - the Hotel flavor :) It has a smooth taste and provides decent amonts of vapor without being too heavy :arrow: :geek: What is your personal view about it?
Read more : Hotel flavor - a light tobacco e-juice type | Views : 1256 | Replies : 4


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