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Nicotine structure?

I would like to know a little more about the chemical structure of the nicotine substance? Do you have information about that?
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Do they sell clear nicotine?

Hello, I have a bit odd question the question of which I would really like to know. I just wonder if they sell anywhere clear nicotine - only the substance as ingredient and how much its price is.
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Tobacco and alcohol


There is an interaction between tobacco and alcohol.

In fact, certain types of activities encourage smokers to smoke more.
And alcohol is one of the most incentive to smoke.

:arrow: So if you want to cease smoking cigarettes, make an effort to not drink too much alcohol, several weeks following your decision to quit.
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Never give up

In this battle against nicotine, it is important to never give up.
If you had quit in the past, then you resumed again, don't be discouraged.

Over time, your efforts will finally bear their fruits :!: :!: :!:
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The Empire of Nicotine

This is a very powerful ruler.
:roll: :roll:
It dominates millions of people worldwide, and had killed millions more.

If one of its subjects tries to escape its reign, this person will have problems.

And finally, most of those who escaped, come back again automatically!
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Substitutes for nicotine

Some people who have stopped smoking cigarettes can't resist the crisis due to the lack of nicotine in their body.
Hence, replacement products were invented.
These products are sold in drugstores.
:| ;)
There are also electronic cigarettes, especially those with low level of nicotine (down to 0%).
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Read this if you believe that nicotine is an addictive drug

There are smokers who think they can not live without nicotine. :oops:

If you are one of them, I suggest you to find an alternative, since there are many.

You just need to visit an electronic cigarette store to discover a wide range of these alternatives.
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A simple program to quit smoking in 40 days

Here is a program to quit smoking tobacco within 40 days.

Just look at the following figures for a few seconds:

100 97.5 95 92.5 90 87.5 85 82.5 80
77.5 75 72.5 70 67.5 65 62.5 60 57.5
55 52.5 50 47.5 45 42.5 40 37.5 35
32.5 30 27.5 25 22.5 20 17.5 15 12.5
10 7.5 5 2.5 00%

:?: ...
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Why do millions of people smoke cigarettes?

One might be surprised by the overwhelming number of smokers worldwide, despite the well-known adverse effects of these things, especially on health.

The problem is something called: nicotine. :roll: :oops: :roll:

Once addicted, no one comes out easily. :evil: ...
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nicotine is harmful??

i tried searching for this but didn't foudn perfect result i was looking for.

is nicotine harmful to human body ??

we are avoiding 54 chemicals but still taking nicotine..

using it in higher amount can make you sick??
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