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New Here on Forum

Hi, i am new here on this forum i am from, i want to share my knowledge about e-cig and want to learn more, hope i found good thing from here

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I am a huge fan of electronic cigarettes and started using them over 3 years ago, and I was a smoker for over 10 years and it helped me stop! There the most awesome device ever created! :)
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mason here,new guy of vape.enjoy vape day,......^_____________________^
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How to study your smoking habit

Take a moment to think about what you do every day, during a week.
Note on a sheet of paper all the times when you smoked a cigarette rod, and the activity that you made before and during that.

After a week, you'll discover the moments and activities that make you smoke.

Thus, you just need to find other things to do during these times, because you already know them now.
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Where can you expect any help from?

You are not alone in this planet called Earth. 8-)
There are many people, both physical and moral, which can help you to fight tobacco addiction.

Do not hesitate to ask some help from them, starting with your friends and acquaintances.
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explain e cigar components please

Hey I am new to vaping and I want to know components of e cigar.

It will be nice of you if you explained them to me.

I have one more question in my mind what are different mods of e cigar?? I heard that on a lot of internet forums .

Explain those plzz !!
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New To The Forums

Hey everyone,

I just signed up for the forum and excited to be here. I have been using ecigs for quite some time now and I credit my ability to quit smoking from them. I have tried many different brands and also have started a blog to help others see the benefits of ecigs and how you can become healthier. On my blog I have ecig reviews along with much more.
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Hello guys!!

I am new here.

I am not a smoker and I hate smoking.
That's why I want to give some tips to those which smoke.
I think its a waste and that's why they should stop smoking.

Hope I will find some friend here who will agree with me.
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How to use the electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are some useful devices that attract increasingly more attention. And although they appeared for some time, they were not as practical dintotdeauana as now. Electronic Cigarette has a lot advantages over traditional cigarettes, from which are much healthier, it affects neither smoker nor those around him so that they can be used everywhere.
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Who can use the electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette is recommended to most of enthusiasts of this flaw. I can use people who smoke for a long time and feel the urge to smoke, those who work in an environment where smoking is prohibited, and smokers who want to quit their habit.
But there are people who are not recommend this method, namely: teens under 18, pregnant and nursing women, patients should avoid smoking and people allergic to nicotine.
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