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Eliquid mix and recipes for DIY

Awesome fruit recipe - peachy melons

I seriously intend to produce this recipe and turn it into my every week DIY attempts :) What do you think, do you like it?
Read more : Awesome fruit recipe - peachy melons | Views : 950 | Replies : 2

Legend mild e-juice recipe

This is one of the top notch latest e-juice recipes, I will try it, you should also do it! ;) ... ecipe/2395
Read more : Legend mild e-juice recipe | Views : 1122 | Replies : 3

Red vines e-juice recipe

I found this recipe in critical mass, think I would love it for two reasons: no nicotine and awesome flavorings. Would you try it?

The name says it all. If you like the old fashioned red licorice (not twizzlers) then this one is for you. The flavor west flavoring tastes just like the old fashioned red vines, or red rope type licorice.

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

15% red licorice (FW..period)
2% Ethyl ...
Read more : Red vines e-juice recipe | Views : 1204 | Replies : 3

Try this lemon square e-juice recipe

I already did and the result is tanfastic. Amaziingly for me, the preparing process was nothing too special, not to say it was quite easy and I completed the recipe in no time. Hope you will like it, too :)
Read more : Try this lemon square e-juice recipe | Views : 665 | Replies : 0

Recipe for fuzzy lizard e-juice

This is a peach lemonade flavor, seems a bit tricky for reparing but think we can handle it, guys ) Here is the recipe, try it:

20 ml. of PG/ VG/ Nic liquid base (your choice)

5 ml. Perfumer’s Apprentice Lemon (water soluble)
4 ml. Flavourart White Peach
1 ml. LoRann’s Tart & Sour
1/16th tsp. ethyl maltol
Read more : Recipe for fuzzy lizard e-juice | Views : 634 | Replies : 0

Heisenberg e-juice recipe

This is a recipe widely liked by vapers, I haven`t tried it but decided to share it here so that we discuss it :)
I think that it should not be too hard for preparing and given the ingredients, the result in flavor should be fantastic. What is your view? :geek:
Read more : Heisenberg e-juice recipe | Views : 1749 | Replies : 6

DV3 Canada Salute

This is the recipe for a seemingly a weird kind of e-juice called DV3 Canada Salute :)
Check it out and give your opinion about the way it should be produced and the flavor result :arrow: ... alute.html
Read more : DV3 Canada Salute | Views : 648 | Replies : 0

Dazs banana dream e-juice

This is a recipe for the dazs banana dream flavor and I find it quite nice :) Do you think so? Would you try it at home :?:
Read more : Dazs banana dream e-juice | Views : 1039 | Replies : 3

soap after taste sweet tarts

new to the forum and the world of e-juice. i bought a diy kit from flavor shack. i think i nailed some flavors, but this sweet tart smells really good. however once i mixed it, i tasted it, and it was to much. i let it sit over night,and i get a soap like after taste. would more steeping be a good idea ? the flavor shack kit didn't say anything about steeping.
Read more : soap after taste sweet tarts | Views : 1338 | Replies : 5

Brazilian coffee flavor - e-juice recipe

Try this e-juice recipe, guys, I can assure you that you will not regret it :!: ;) It has fantastic taste, gives me even bigger boost than coffee :mrgreen:

Lorann's Super Strength Keoke Coffee - 50% (17 drops)
TPA Chocolate - 30% (10 drops)
TPA Bavarian Creme - 15% (5 ...
Read more : Brazilian coffee flavor - e-juice recipe | Views : 1467 | Replies : 5


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