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When do you recycle 18650 batteries?

Hi, I wonder how you realize when it is time to recycle your 18650 battery.. I have used mine for about 200 charges and think it is earyly but feel that I wouldnt be able to strike the right moment. What can you say, given your experience?
Read more : When do you recycle 18650 batteries? | Views : 1007 | Replies : 0

Patience with certain kinds of e-cigarettes

Hi, did you know that certain models of e-cigarettes need a lot of patience from us? This is, for example, the Boge F16. What other models can you think of?
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Guide for DSE 901 maintenance

Here is a guide which contains some useful tips about maintaining your DSE 91 e-cigarette : ... GUIDE.html
Read more : Guide for DSE 901 maintenance | Views : 2522 | Replies : 9

Spare parts for e-cigarettes?

I would like to know where we can find spare parts which we can use for fixing e-cigarettes. Do you have information about that?
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Cleaning and rebuilding of a Vivi Nova device

Here is a great video which can help you clear your Vivi nova electronic cigarette. Check it out and tell us what your view about this method is: ... 6_b-uUKVJg
Read more : Cleaning and rebuilding of a Vivi Nova device | Views : 2710 | Replies : 10

Cleaning the mouthpiece

Did you know that the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette has to be cleaned regularly, every week at least? Do you do that?
Read more : Cleaning the mouthpiece | Views : 2352 | Replies : 8

Maintenance or replacement?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether it is better to fix or replace our e-cigarette or some of its components. Here is a list of the pros and cons of each step: ... omponents/
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How to get the most from your clearomizer?

I will send a link full of great advice about the perfect use of clearomizers. Please, share your opinions about it.
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Kanger T3 - instructions

Here are some instruction about the Kanger T3 refilling and other type of maintenance: ... tructions/
Read more : Kanger T3 - instructions | Views : 2704 | Replies : 12

Internal pipes cleaning

Nobody ever mentioned a thing about cleaning the internal pipes of the e-cigarette in this forum. Do you regularly do this or this is the first time you have heard about this?
Read more : Internal pipes cleaning | Views : 2909 | Replies : 12


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