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Read this article about the Juul

And then share your thoughts about it :) ... _truncated
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E-Cigarette vs Cigarette

If you have any friends which smoke traditional cigarette just show them this video.

Please like and share.
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Does anyone know/use this liquid?

Im curious if anyone is familiar with liquids for $8/100ml. How is your experience?


Jet the Netherlands
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Jury is out on health effects of e-cigarettes

I found a great recent article, definitely something that we needed so that we get more knowledge about the health pros and cons of e-cigarettes :idea:

Electronic cigarettes are either a potent weapon in the war against tobacco, or they are an insidious menace that threatens to get kids hooked on nicotine and make smoking socially acceptable again.

There are health experts who back each point of ...
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Doctors against bureaucrats

I was surfing on the internet looking for something interesting and looks like I have found it! :) Look at this increidble article about e-cigarettes, the doctor`s opinion about them and most importantly - why some people insist on their banning from public places..

Now doctors say e-cigarettes do help you quit - and could save millions of lives... so why are petty bureaucrats intent on banning ...
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How much nicotine inhaled?

According to statements of famous Sailebao electronic cigarette manufacturer, and marketer of the liquid nicotine content of an analogy would be 1.1 ... 1.6 mg / cigarette, equivalent to 0.16 mg 0.12 ... / spray.
Rhetorical questions: whether daily consumption of liquid is 1 ml / day or 5 ml / day (even at liquid 24 mg / ml), compared to how much nicotine inhaled analogues?
Ask those who know the differences on this issue, ...
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Electronic cigarettes damage the lungs?

I told my friends about the fact that I smoke electronic cigarette and their response was not I expected. :(
They told that e-cigarettes are not healthy, like steam that reaches the lungs is not very healthy and in time can cause lung problems, even puffing cigarettes without nicotine.
It is true that long-term affects lungs steam?
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nicotine effects?

what if i use more nicotine in my ejuice??

i know following

2 packs of malboro lights in a day - 12mg
2 packs of camel - 22mg

what will happen if i choose more nicotine e juice ?

will it affect my body very badly ??
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Can e cig make you stop smoking ?

you may know facts of smoking cig and that's why many peoples are trying e cig to quit smoking

does e cig really helps you to stop smoking ??

what if you're chain smoker and addicted extremely to smoking?

is there any chance that person who smokes regularly will stop smoking after using e cig?
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using e cigar bennificial or just new way of selling ?

i watched some video in which a guy was telling dis advantages of using e cigar.

he was firm that e cigars are as much harmful as real cigars are, yes and many peoples were against him and few supporting him.

if you think yourself then e cigars only contains nicotine, which is also somewhat harmful to human body but e cigars doesn't produce tar and other filthy chemicals which real cigars produce so most ...
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