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Some experts reviewing JOY 510 cigarette models.

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Unread postby AndrewVapor » 20 Jun 2012

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Unread postby Wekesa » 15 Sep 2012

Video is very good and really it motivates one to quit the traditional cigarette.
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Unread postby Axel » 30 Jul 2013

It is good to hear some opinions from experts, they are very objective and such videos show us not only the positive sides of these e-cigarette models but their drawbacks, as well.
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Unread postby PrehistoricMan » 14 Nov 2013

Without hearing the opinion of the experts, I can say that this JOY 510 electronic cigarettes are awesome. I am glad that their opinion matches mine, of course.
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Unread postby SweetSound » 06 Mar 2014

It would be a huge surprise if there was any difference between yours and the experts`s opinion, Prehistoricman! :D Of course, I also assume that the 510 e-cigarettes from Joyetech are with stunning quality, even though they are not one of the newest models anymore :idea:
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