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How To Make An E-Joint

Eliquid mix and recipes for DIY

Unread postby Matt123 » 04 Aug 2012

It would be smart to make an e joint. Isn't it.

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Unread postby ShortCircuit » 12 Sep 2012

It would be smart not to make your e-cigarette look like a joint so it does not attract unwanted attention.
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Unread postby Confucion » 22 Sep 2012

After going through whole video, i didn't understand the meaning of e joint. What this video want to convey.
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Unread postby Anouk » 20 Jul 2013

Hahahah, e-joint, seriously, guys? This is a wonderful idea, how original, can you tell me if this flavor really come true? It would be incredibly innovative and illegal as well. :D
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Unread postby Joel » 25 Aug 2013

I have vaped an e-marijuana flavor so I am not surprised that we can make an e-joint one. It is actually more or less the same, the DIY process is really interesting.

Unread postby Cherif » 05 Oct 2013

I watched the video and I am fascinated that there is an actual way to produce an e-joint flavor. I only didn`t understand if the guy uses real joint, what do you think?
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Unread postby Libra75 » 17 Nov 2013

This is really interesting but I have only one question towards you mates. Do you think that doing this at home is illegal and why? :D
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Unread postby Voix » 25 Jan 2014

I used to smoke weed before and now I don`t even want to hear the word joint, this even makes me sick of rap songs :D It sounds funny but it is true and if I have to be serious, this was the worst thing that I have ever done.. :!:
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