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Why using e cigarette for quitting habit

Health and Medical Issues related to Electronic Cigarette

Unread postby Hook » 07 Aug 2012

People can do nicotine-replacement therapies for quitting the smoking habit. But why they are using e cigarette for this.
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Unread postby OneZero » 21 Aug 2012

There are lot of reason and factors which prove that e cigarette is good for quieting the traditional cigarette. First it look like the traditional cigarette and then when any person use it he/she will feel that they are using traditional cigarette in the flavor they will want. And also they will not get any harmful toxins.
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Unread postby Wekesa » 22 Aug 2012

Yeah, right lot of reason to use e cigarette. I will suggest review all the topics of this community and you will find the answer of your question. Honestly review and let me know.
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