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Clearomizer T2

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Unread postby SuperSic » 25 Nov 2012

This Clearomizer is compatible with all eGo batteries.
Loading without syringe! ;)
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Unread postby Atomizer » 27 Nov 2012

I find it very interesting. The first opportunity I purchase this product.
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Unread postby Sandoz » 03 Dec 2012

I searched for more information about this product on the internet but I found nothing. :( Can anyone provide more details? I am very curious to know more about it. :)
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Unread postby Navel » 18 Jan 2013

I have used the t2 for 7 weeks. no leaks, easy to use, good vape with ry4, tastes like a real cigarettes, and with the replacement coils it s like getting a new one.
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Unread postby ManConnected » 16 Apr 2013

Here is a nice video on clearomizer.....
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Unread postby Firefly » 23 Jul 2013

I use Ego batteries and this is why I decided to buy the T2 clearomizer. I am still using it and I am very happy with the results that I achieve with it.
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Unread postby SweetSound » 28 Aug 2013

I watched several video reviews of the T2 Clearomizer and I was very impressed. It seriously facilitates the use of e-liquid and e-cigarette.
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Unread postby Soleil » 13 Oct 2013

I, just like you sweetsound, watched many reviews of the T2 e-cigarette clearomizer and decided to buy it after that. This is the best decision that I have made recently, as I am very happy with this device.

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